A bit about me. My name is Kelly, I’m 31 years old and a mother to two children.

I have always wanted my own business, ever since I was little. I have a passion for hard work and reaping the rewards of such. As fate would have it, my life didn’t really work out that way, and from a young age I fell into a job as a secretary at a solicitors firm. I worked there for almost 10 years. I worked full time initially, and then after having my first child, returned part time. After 10 years in the same job, I was getting itchy feet. Bored of the same routine and feeling like I wasn’t challenging myself, I decided to leave.

I then found a job as an Attendance Officer for a local secondary school, the hours were great, it fit around my daughter and I had the school holidays off.

We found out we were expecting our second child and decided that we needed a bigger house, and so we moved. I continued working at the school until my maternity leave and then we decided that I wouldn’t return due to distance and travel to work. Plus with two children, the childcare was astronomical, we couldn’t actually afford for me to return.

I’ve had what I like to call, and extended maternity leave. Spanning 18 months.

I loved every second, but I am now ready to do something for me. Realising quickly how much of myself I had lost becoming a parent the second time around, especially when not returning to employment, and how my mood changed. I found I had forgotten to take care of myself, mentally and physically. I was so busy running about after everyone else. So I developed Nudge Cards. Handy little reminders to look after myself. Fast-forward a few months of hard work, and research, and I’m now sharing them with you. Along with the cards I’m also running a blog so you can see how I’ve used the cards and juggle life with two children. I hope you love them just as much as I do.

Myself and Theo Paphitis collecting my award

Kelly x