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An open letter to my bullies
   Do you think of me? Because I think of you. Often. Your words ring in my ears almost daily.
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5 Simple Self Care Ideas
5 Simple Self Care Ideas
Self care can sometimes be hard to implement. If your busy all day at work, or with children, then coming
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Do It Nudge Card
Lets Not Skirt Around The Issue
Turning 30 has been a bit of an epiphany for me. It has come with a new found freedom to
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Andys Man Club – January 2019
Nudge Cards are absolutely thrilled to be raising awareness and funds for Andys Man Club for the entire month of
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self care nudge card
Self Care Goals 2019
I’ve finally awoken from the chrysalis of the Christmas limbo. That disorientating week after the festivities and before we go
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your worth it nudge card
Why I won’t be saying New Year – New Me
Around this time, every year, the same old rubbish starts being slammed all over the year, new me *queue
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