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Having friends you can meet up with in the half term is brilliant. Especially if their kids and your kids get on well and play nicely together so you can enjoy a chat and a brew.

So far this week, I’ve had a great time making a “Date” and catching up with two of my best friends.

Their children are the same age as Fred, and Ruby loves little kids so she plays along and entertains them too.


I met my best friend Michelle and her gorgeous little boy Dominic at Kinderland. Its an indoor soft play area. It has a large area for older children like Ruby to run around. It also has a little area for under 4’s with a slide and ball pool for the younger ones.

No sooner had I paid for the entry, Ruby scarpered throwing her shoes as she ran, and I barely saw her for the rest of the day, that was of course until her dinner arrived. She made some friends and ran around for the afternoon, blowing away the cobwebs of a Tuesday stuck indoors.

Me and Michelle ordered some hot drinks and food, and grabbed a table near the under 4’s area so we could watch the boys playing together. There are lots of bright colours, and things to climb on or over. They had a brilliant time chasing each other.

I ordered the children a sandwich lunch box, which consists of: a sandwich, either ham or cheese: a packet of Pom Bear crisps, a yoghurt or piece of fruit, a chocolate biscuit and a cup of juice. I recall the price being around £3.85. There was a huge stack of highchairs available so I grabbed one each for the boys and got the children seated for lunch. Fred really enjoys having a lunch he can pick over. I’m not too fussed if he wants to eat his crisps before his sandwich, I’m lucky because he eats it all anyway.

After lunch, Rubys friend had left for the day so she decided to entertain both of the boys, quite a job for a little girl. The boys are faster than they look haha.

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On Thursday I met Katie and her beautiful boy Oliver. Another child the same age as Fred. Katie has been a friend for a long time. We have holidayed together in the past so Ruby knows her well. We arranged to go to the large park in the city where we used to live. Its around a half hour drive each way for us now but a drive I don’t mind doing.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. dry and sunny albeit chilly with the spring air. The boys had a wonder around the park and played on the slides. Ruby attempted a go on the monkey bars and the swings. After the boys were suitably filthy from the bark on the floor and the mud from the slides, we took a walk around the animal enclosure. They have goats and peacocks, parrots and Guinea pigs to name a few.

We headed over to the pavilion for lunch but it was really busy. We decided to walk up onto the main road for some chips instead. A quick greasy pit stop later and we walked back into the park and around the lake, chatting and catching up, Ruby occasionally ran ahead and then waited for us to catch up with the prams. It was just such a lovely day to be out and about. I’m going to make more effort next week to continue the theme.

Do you have any “go to” places for days out? let me know in the comments.

Kelly x


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