Christmas in the Care home

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This blog post was written in 2015, and although a few circumstances have changed. The sentiment to the blog still remains.

“Christmas in the Care Home”

As most of my friends know, my parents (and brother) moved to sunny Spain a good few years back. Since then it’s been lovely keeping in touch on a regular basis and hearing of their new adventures the only downside is Christmas time.

Christmas as a child in the ‘care home’ (haha like what I did there ?) was always magical, mum and dad spent weeks planning our perfect day. Both being chefs, we had outstanding Christmas dinners! Family games a plenty, and chocolates beneath the tree that supposedly weren’t allowed to be opened until Christmas eve (mum!).

We would slip into new pyjamas and watch Christmas films. If dad was working away we even got TWO christmasses!

Mum and dad and Charlie being away at Christmas is always hard. But nevertheless, every year (kind of a tradition now), mum and dad send me a Christmas parcel full to the brim of all the extra little things that make Christmas day just like they are here. Today I received my parcel and it’s wonderful. Full of Christmas treats, and it makes me think (I know it’s dangerous) Just how bloody lucky I am to have the most amazing parents in the world.

Although you’re in another country. Your thoughtful Christmas parcel has brought a little piece of my childhood Christmas back. So, when we slip into our fluffy Christmas eve pyjamas this year, watching our film, excited for Santa to arrive. Most of all, I’ll raise a toast to you (with the Bucks fizz you sent, and the prosecco, oh and the red wine…hic). The best mum and dad a girl could wish for.

Christmas starts here and I love you both millions. Thank you xxxx


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