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Turning 30 has been a bit of an epiphany for me. It has come with a new found freedom to be who I want to be, and not who I think I should be. I’ve discovered the “why not” instead of the “what if”.

For instance. I always wanted to dye my hair a different colour, something that’s different to the norm. I’ve always gone between blonde and brunette all my life. Turning 30 made me think why not? what’s the worst that could happen? I hate it, and then colour it back. The world wouldn’t end, it wouldn’t be a disaster. So I did. I dyed it bright orange. And I LOVE it.

My first blog post of 2019 was setting goals for the New Year. One of which was doing more of what makes me happy, and today was that day.

I have a skirt (the skirt of dreams I like to call it) as soon as I saw it, sparkling in the window, I just knew that baby had to come home with me. Its a mid-length, dusky pink, completely sequin laden skirt (of dreams). Every time I look at it, it makes me feel happy inside. If there were ever a piece of clothing that said my name when you saw it, its this incredible skirt.

Today I decided I wanted to feel happy.

Normally my skirt of dreams would be restricted to nights out (it is a bit fancy). But today I thought why? why am I putting something that makes me happy into a drawer, to not see the light of day until an “appropriate time”. well NO MORE. Today I donned my sparkly skirt and I didn’t care if I wasn’t even leaving the house. I would do the housework in it if I had to.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to do the housework in it. It was decided that we would go for a family walk….in the woods. My husband looked at me like I’d lost the plot when I said I wouldn’t be getting changed. I was met with sideward glances and mumbles of “its not very practical”. Well happy isn’t always practical. And anyway who decided you need to wear scruffy clothes to go for a walk in the woods anyway? and why are we all doing what that person said?

I made sure I had sensible footwear (black wellies) and a warm winter coat. Although for January it was a very mild 10 degrees.

There were an awful lot of disapproving looks. It says more about someone else than it does about me. Do they wish they had my skirt of dreams? Do they wish they felt confident enough to go against the grain? I felt happy wearing my skirt, completely overdressed or not. So if you saw me walking with my family and noticed an orange haired, happy, pink sequin skirt-wearing loony, it was me. Just know that turning 30 gave me the power and the confidence to do what makes ME happy and I plan to do a lot more of it and you should too.


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  1. Sue
    January 7, 2019 / 7:36 AM

    And so you should, life is too short. Reaching a mile stone like 30 makes you look at your life from a new prospective. I’m glad you had a lovely day wearing what makes YOU happy. Xx

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