My love affair with Gousto

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If you are anything like me and continuously scroll social media in your downtime, I’m pretty sure, in fact almost certain that you will have seen an advert for Gousto.

What is Gousto?

Gousto is  subscription based meal delivery service. and its bloody fantastic. When I first saw the adverts for Gousto pop up in my Facebook timeline I admit I was skeptical, the pictures of the meals looked so delicious and glossy, there was no way they could be recreated. How wrong I was.

I was super fed up of cooking the same meals week in week out and really wanted to get some freshness back into our kitchen. Eating spaghetti bolognaise every week is simple and relatively healthy, but dear lord so so boring.

We sat down as a family and had a look at the menu choice. Firstly to see if there was anything on there that would actually work for us as a family. My kids are pretty good eaters anyway, but there is no way you’ll get Ruby to eat mushrooms or avocado! not for want of trying on my part. There were a couple of classics with a twist on the menu like Moroccan sheppards pie, and we figured that the kids liked most of the ingredients so it would be worth a try. We picked a couple of other dishes we felt would be enjoyed too, like homemade lamb burgers and wedges, and tomato and chorizo risotto. We decided to give a box a whirl just for a change and to try new things we normally wouldn’t cook through the week.

Ordering our first Gousto box was super easy. Entering our postcode to find a delivery day was first. Then selecting the meals, simple!

Our first Gousto box arrived on the Monday as requested. I couldn’t believe it when I opened it, everything was fresh, with use by dates on required produce. All of the fridge items were in a bag with ice packs to keep them fresh. Recipe cards were included which you can keep to recreate a favourite meal. The gift of a free wooden spoon was included, which I thought was a lovely touch.

All the meals were really easy to make, the step by step instructions on the back of the recipe cards made it incredibly straightforward. I even got Ruby to help mix and cook too which was lovely. She thoroughly enjoyed making the lamb burgers and munching on her creation.

We loved the first Gousto box so much we decided to alter our subscription to once a month, as a treat, and to break up the usual meals we eat. We get an email to remind us when the menu comes out. Which means we can pick from 30 tried and tested recipes, including veggie, gluten free and dairy free! New menus get added weekly too so there is always a huge choice.

Is it really all its cracked up to be?

Ordering 4 meals, for 4 people, being a family of two adults, an 8 year old with the appetite of a starved teenager, and a 20 month old who can put away equally as much. (in fact if you place pasta in front of him, I can guarantee that within 0.5 seconds it will be gone). We hoped the portion sizes would be adequate. Worry not though, the portion sizes are ample, even leaving a little left over for lunch for the next day for me, yummy!

Value for money was another huge factor. As we have got older, our shopping habits have changed. We tend to look for quality and value instead of convenience. Price is also a massive factor. Generally we shop in Aldi and pick up the things we cant get in ASDA or Sainsburys. (depending where we are when shopping). So working out the price per meal from Gousto we found it excellent value for money for a treat. Obviously, we still need to go shopping for packed lunches, household items and the such. Not having to worry about what we are eating for the week is a great novelty. After trialing the first box, we are almost through our third! We are going to keep the subscription up. One box a month where we can all pitch in together, and get excited about cooking again.

The fabulous thing is, you can cancel, suspend and amend your subscription so easily, just log in and go to your subscriptions to alter. So if you cant afford it one week, or would like to add an extra box. You can change it at the click of a button.

As you can see, comparatively Gousto are the cheapest meal subscription company.


Why haven’t you included any photographs of the meals you have made I hear you cry

Basically I’m greedy. No sooner has the meal hit my plate, its in my belly. I will try (really, really hard) to take a picture before I start stuffing my face.

If you would like to get involved in Gousto, and get 50% off your first TWO boxes use this discount code.


I have not been paid to write this blog post. Just a mum bored of cooking the same old thing and wanting to share my new love affair.

What do you think?

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