The #NextGENEration Cycle

#NextGENErationCycle in support of finding a cure for Huntingtons disease

The #NextGENEration

I was utterly inspired by Kelly at The Bees Knees when I set up my small business. She makes journals that encourage you to live your best life. For instance, to steady the mind. To go back to the good old days where things were simple – The Bees Knees.

It was Kellys passion that ignited the fire inside me and ultimately gave me the push to create Nudge Cards.

Whilst Kelly’s business is fantastic and going from strength to strength, the reason behind the journal and the money raise from the sales is harrowing. Kellys mum, Jenny, unfortunately has Huntingtons Disease. A cruel, cruel disease that destroys not only the life of the diagnosed, but the life of everyone around them.

Huntington’s disease is an illness caused by a faulty gene in your DNA (the biological ‘instructions’ you inherit which tell your cells what to do). If you have Huntington’s, it affects your body’s nervous system – the network of nerve tissues in the brain and spinal cord that co-ordinate your body’s activities.

Currently there is no cure. Carriers of the Disease have a 50% chance of passing the faulty gene to their children. Kelly talks openly and honestly over on her blog about the difficulties both she and her family have faced.

Most importantly researchers into Huntingtons Disease are getting ever closer to finding a cure. Kelly is pulling out all of the stops and has been fundraising towards research into a cure.


Jenny, Tony’s wife, and Mum to their children Kelly and Emma was an intelligent, gentle natured woman with a huge love for her family, music and dance. Huntington’s disease, a severe degenerative neurological condition started to take away who she was at just 40 years old. Jenny and many others have faced years of painful experiences losing the ability to walk, talk, eat and think. It’s the armageddon of diseases. Devastatingly it’s too late for Jenny. However ground breaking research in gene silencing shows there is real hope of changing the way things are for the #NextGENEration

Inspired by an American family suffering with HD who cycled 3000 miles across the US in 8 days producing a film called The Longest Journey. One man and his family have decided to extend the reach of their message by journeying the length of the UK with two teams of cyclists in just three days.

In May 2019 they will cycle for 24 hours a day and through the night, with teams leapfrogging each other down the country 50 miles at a time. 

Their aim is to generate maximum possible impact by producing a film documenting their efforts. In addition to sharing their personal story of Huntington’s Disease. All of this is to raise awareness and important funds to support the ‘gene silencing’ research being conducted by UCL.

For the #NextGENEration

Nudge Cards are proud to be supporting Kelly and her family in their fundraising efforts. 10% of sales will be donated to the cause for the month of February.

However if you would like to donate without purchasing from Nudge Cards please follow this link


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