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makeup nudgecardsTime to apply makeup in this household is at an absolute premium, so my day-to-day “Take 5” makeup routine is super simple. I use 7 trusted tools to transform me from looking disheveled to vaguely human.

For a night out, my makeup look is vastly different, I include false lashes, eyeliner, primer etc.

I’ll share with you my basic makeup and some drug store alternatives if you’re on a budget.

I’ve even linked as many products as I can to take you direct to the website. No need to thank me.

     1. Foundation

I LOVE Estee Lauder double wear foundation, I use two shades dependent on whether or not I’m wearing fake tan. My dark colour is shade Ivory Beige and my light shade is Cool Bone. Coverage is amazing, has SPF10 and it is touch proof too. I find I don’t need to set with powder and a little goes a long way. Which for £33.50 is a good job.

When my budget doesn’t stretch that far, I’ve found NYX stay matte but not flat in shade Nude Beige is a nice alternative. It has a medium coverage but isn’t touch proof, so I’ve found setting with a little powder does the trick to keep it in one place. At £7 it’s a great little substitute.

    2. Bronzer

Benefit’s Hoola is my staple, a light swoosh under the cheekbones, the top of the forehead, either side of the nose and middle of the chin warms up my complexion. For a night out I go a little heavier for a more dramatic contour.


    3. Blush

Benefits Rockateur is my favourite, its a dusky pink with a slight shimmer. I sweep this on the apples of my cheeks and further up my cheekbones. The one i’m using at the moment has lasted me around 2 years!

A cheaper alternative is NYX again with their High Definition Blush in shade “Rose Gold”  and for £6 doesn’t break the bank either!


    4. Highlighter

I know what your thinking “thought this was a day-to-day look. This highlighter is amazing though and really “pops” your features. Its Benefits “Watts Up”. its absolutely lovely, a little glide over the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and top lip to accentuate the cupids bow.


    5. Eyes

I don’t have time for pallets and shades during the week and most days just apply a quick layer of mascara. Sometimes I use Hoola on my eyelids to tie in the bronze look.


    6. Mascara

I haven’t found a favourite yet. At the moment I am using Benefits They’re Real! but I wouldn’t purchase again, I find it too tacky, and not waterproof enough. especially when cutting onions, I look like a panda! If you have any great mascara brands please let me know, I’m always on the look-out to find a favourite.


    7. Eyebrows

I’m still using a pallet I’ve had for ages, by Benefit called Brow Zings. I use the wax on its own during the day, but add the powder for a night out when I want my brows darker. I use the shade “light”


    8. Lips

I am currently using several nude to pink lip-glosses and lipsticks, I tend to vary on a daily basis. The one photographed is from Wilko, and was in a make-up advent calendar I pilfered off my daughter. Mac Velvet Teddy and Benefit Juicy Details are two of the premium brand favourites.


What are you “go-to” items?


What do you think?

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