When The Magic Happens

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I’ve made no secrets about how my anxiety sometimes takes over and stops me from doing things I know that I would really love.

I think as I’ve got older though I’m more aware that it is anxiety and not me just being anti social. Sometimes the more time I spend at home, the less I want to leave the house and be ac

tive. Realising and understanding my own internal responses to situations has given me the insight to be able to fight the fear and go against the constant pull to retreat into myself.

I had a really powerful urge to book a holiday at the beginning of the year. I wanted to do something for ME that I knew I would love. It just so happens that I follow the lovely Kelly (great name) who runs a company called The Bees Knees. Her whole ethos is around finding the happy in the mundane, the magic in the ordinary and living in the moment. She organised a luxury retreat for likeminded women, for us all to take a break.

The retreat was booked for the Daylsford (so stunning) and as soon as I saw the itinery I just knew I had to go. I booked on impulse and decided to deal with the anxiety later.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Friday was the start of the retreat and I had a 3 hour drive down. The drive was lovely, music on full blast and singing to my favourite cheesy songs with no complaints from the kids in the back.

I felt awful when I first arrived, I’ve never been so apprehensive about meeting a bunch of women I’ve never met, sharing a room with a stranger, and trying to find common ground with 21 other women.

I don’t know why I worried, everyone was lovely!

The most blissful weekend was spent eating yummy food, practicing Yoga and meditation. I also had an amazing facial, and made a flower crown, all things I’ve never done before. Magical memories made that will last a lifetime.

When I arrived home I realised that is where the magic happens. When you throw yourself into the unknown, let go of the fear, and take a chance.


Kelly x

You can view more of the photographs from the weekend via Instagram.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to these other small businesses for contributing to a goodie bag I received. Everything is of super high quality and utterly gorgeous. I’ve linked them all so you can check out their websites.

Skin Laundry 


The Little Picture Company 

Petit Dunnocks

White Crafts 

Create Gift Love 

Charlotte Briscoe Interiors

Willowberry Skin


The Bees Knees Journal 


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