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After my last parenting blog post about the day from hell, I feel like I may sound a little whiney. My first blog was about losing myself and then the second is feeling incompetent at being a mother. Honestly, its just been one of those parenting months, but Thursday was the day of dreams. The day of magical, wonderful dreams, and it all started with a text.

I got a text message delivery notice from Next telling me part of my parcel had arrived for collection. Me and Fred both desperately needed out of the house for some fresh air after being cooped up with all the bad weather of late. I decided we would pop to Next, pick up the parcel and whilst on the drive, Fred could catch some Z’s.

We pulled up in the car park. Wrestling Fred out of his car seat I then toyed with the idea of not taking his pram, after all we were only going to pick up a parcel, and then would be coming straight back to the car to make the journey home. Although visions of screaming tantrums on the floor, and that awful thing they do when they throw themselves backwards in a fit of rage completely unprovoked so your left trying to catch them and apologise profusely to the watching crowd, I decided to risk it. I walked into Next carrying Fred on my hip (how I haven’t developed curvature of the spine from lugging him around I’ll never know). Only I left my phone, with the order number on, in my bag.

Stage one of where things were about to go massively wrong commenced. I had to put Fred down. Straight away he went to touch the display stand, and in the most mummsy voice I could muster with the vibration of panic, I gently said “don’t touch that Fred” no sooner had I said the words, his little chubby hand fell to his side, and HE DIDNT TOUCH. A minor miracle had just happened. I had the most smug look on my face as all the other women in the queue marveled at my well behaved little boy. I was proud as punch.

At this point, I should have probably called time on the outing, I accomplished what I set out to do. I made it into and out of the shop with no tantrum (from Fred or me) and could have headed to the car there and then, but I decided to push it. “Shall we go and get a bun” I said in my best cheery voice. His little hazel eyes looked up at me and he boldly said “yeah”. Operation Costa was afoot. I asked Fred to hold my hand….AND HE DID! with no fuss. Fred is so independent he doesn’t do hand-holding, he does things his way, but today, it was all going my way.

We walked into Costa and Fred was still holding my hand. I couldn’t believe it. My joy was soon to be dissolved when I saw the queue for the hot chocolate and bun we were planning on buying.

Stage 2 of disaster day was about to begin, I had visions of Fred running around the shop, grabbing peoples tray, having a tantrum we had to wait, but that boy must have been slipped something in his morning porridge, because not only did he wait in line, he said “hiya” to the ladies sitting across on the table, and didn’t complain once! I was feeling pretty darn giddy by this point, who the heck was this tiny well-behaved imposter?


As I paid for our order, a sudden wave of panic came over me. Needing two hands to carry the tray, therefore meant no hands to hold Fred. A quick glance around and I saw a clean table ready for us to pounce on. I picked up the tray with both hands, said “come on Fred” and blow me down! He only went and followed me!! It was an actual miracle, someone up there was looking down on me, never in my parenting life has a child just trotted behind me when ive said “lets go”.

Fred joined me at the table. He tucked into the bun I bought to share (that he eat 3/4 of). I drank an entire hot chocolate, whilst it was hot!!, and I basked in my parenting glory.

We left with no fuss. We got into the car with no fuss, and he fell asleep on the drive back too!

I’m taking Thursday as a parenting win! What was your “air punch” parenting moment? comment below



  1. Lou
    March 20, 2018 / 6:21 PM

    I love this Fred is so adorable and your blog is so honest ❤️

    • March 20, 2018 / 7:59 PM

      Thank you so much. You’re right, he is adorable isn’t he

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