Where do I begin?

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Where do I begin? Not just in a sense of this blog..but where do I begin, and the children end? Where do I begin and the housework stops? Where do I  begin?

Thinking back, I felt lost after the birth of my first child. My maternity leave was so fantastic, when it ended and reality hit, I was suddenly alone. My first pregnancy was great, a group of my friends all fell pregnant within 6 months of each other. With my baby born first, weekly get-togethers and planned baby trips broke up my week. My husband went to work full time. At that time, it was decided I wouldn’t return to work. I (thought) I wanted to be a stay at home mum.

Busying myself, I cooked healthy meals, the house would be spotless, and I would wait…wait for my husband to come home from work to tell me about his day, who he spoke to, what he had for lunch. I was like an eager puppy desperate for some attention because I had spent all day with a baby who offered no conversation. It was clear I was starting to go crazy. I decided to return to work, part time. Working just two days a week, and it made a huge difference to me. I found I had a role in the family again, not just to be a mother, but to help contribute to the finances, I enjoyed the adult conversation at work, and also being able to drink a hot cup of tea!

Fast-forward to the present day, now with a beautiful baby boy, new house, new area, new school for the eldest, and no work again. This time, I was prepared for the loneliness, I’ve been there before, I get that I will be alone through the day, back to the role of “mother” and “housewife”.

This time, I absolutely adore it. I’m older, wiser, and much less needy. I love the school run, spending time with both of the children in the summer holidays, running the home and taking the smallest to the local toddler morning once a week. I feel like I’ve pretty much, got it all. Apart from something “for me”.

It feels so easy to slip into the routine of life, consequently watching time pass by. At the end of the week I’m absolutely exhausted and think back to what I have done for myself, and realise, it is a grand total of absolutely nothing. I haven’t finished a hot drink all week, I haven’t read a book, or ran a bath for myself, I guess after almost two years of being “something” to everyone else, now is the time where I begin.

So what’s next?

Nudge Cards were developed as a way of gently reminding myself that I matter. I matter to my children, my husband and my friends. I cannot be the best I can be, without mattering to me. Nudge Cards are designed to give you inspiration to do something for yourself. To look after yourself, treat yourself, and live your best life possible. I’ve  never done anything like this before. Opening myself up, writing a blog, and sharing my life, but I need to make a change.

I will be using and implementing my Nudge Cards, taking pictures and documenting how I have utilised them, in addition to sharing my tips on how I am able to fit anything in whilst running a house and looking after my family and building a business for me.

Please do comment your thoughts below, I’d really love to hear your strategies on keeping a little something for yourself.

Kelly x


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