Why I won’t be saying New Year – New Me

your worth it nudge card

Around this time, every year, the same old rubbish starts being slammed all over the media..new year, new me *queue eye roll*

I think for the past decade, they’ve had me sucked in. Believing I wasn’t good enough, or thin enough or worth enough as I “was” before.

Quit smoking, quit drinking, lose weight, be successful, be pretty, keep it together. Spin all of the plates, all of the time.


This year I wont be saying new year, new me. I quite like the old me! the one who doesn’t have the perfect body, but birthed two beautifully wonderful kids. The one who enjoys a G&T after a hard day, and the one who frequently drops the spinning plates but picks them back up. I like me – its taken a long time to realise that.

This new year, ill be tweaking the old me – with Nudge Cards guiding the way. More time for books before bed instead of trashy tv. Some more time for hot bubble baths instead of quick showers. More time for a hot cup of tea instead of cleaning. More walks outside instead of hibernating, and lots more pushing myself out of my comfort zones and finding what I truly love.

You should do the same too – lets start a revolution of people who are happy with how they are, how they look and what they have. Lets be comfortable with what we believe and how we naturally grow.

When I created Nudge Cards I really wanted to create a community where we can all share self care tips, tricks and ideas. the hashtag #nudgecards is available for us all to tag and share our images together, and share our stories.

2019 is going to be absolutely amazing. I can feel the excitement tingling all over my body every time I think about it.

Do you have any New Year resolutions?


What do you think?

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